Imagine... You are seven years old and watching your parents die from AIDS.

Imagine... you can face the same agonizing death.

Imagine... having no food, no money and living miles from civilization.

NOW imagine... at seven years old you could become the head of your family.

The boy on the front cover faces such a life. Take another look at his eyes; these are not the eyes of a carefree seven-year old. Look at the eyes of this child and see if you can recognize childhood innocence. This child has never smiled. He has had no reason to. It is unlikely he ever will. Every aspect of this child’s life is a struggle to survive. But he is no ordinary orphan; this child could become the head of his family. He is only seven years old.

Most people are aware of the chilling facts of AIDS in Africa. What is not immediately evident is the knock-on effects. Whole families of children — some infected with the virus, others not — are being orphaned in their thousands. These children are the innocent victims of AIDS.

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Why we are here

  • We CAN’T let you see and hear commentaries from the SABC
  • We CAN’T let you see and hear commentaries from the BBC
  • We won’t wait for you get the grass roots picture from overseas Politicians.

Goal and Objective

  • To inform of the Grass roots needs in the Rural Areas.
  • To assist in the decision making process for the good of the Communities.
  • To render factual resource requirements.
  • To dispel negative and misleading reporting.
  • To show the true picture of our Community.
  • To request a site visit to view progress & work being done.

Vision Statement

  • Holy Cross Hospice ensures the highest quality of life possible for individuals and their families facing a life threatening illness, to provide bereavement support to individuals and to promote an understanding of hospice services.
  • Holy Cross Hospice will render a peaceful and a dignified death to all people with HIV/AIDS and life threatening diseases and give a family support.

Today's Situation

  • 25 Voluntary Care Givers providing care to over 2607 Orphans
  • We have One Professional Nurse
  • We have NO Social worker
  • 1050 Child Headed Homes [2607 + Orphaned children]
  • 2607+ Aids Patients in the Home Based Care System
  • A feeding scheme for 3880+ per month.
  • Support to Orphans & vulnerable Children (OVC)
  • Maintain a crèche facility for 314 children
  • One 23 year old Bakkie for transport needs
  • We struggle daily for clean drinking water at the Hospice
  • All the above without charging or turning away anyone in NEED